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We are a team of vehicle Mavens who passionately dedicate ourselves from detailing the car’s rendition to accomplishing uptrend on the road. Jekyll and Hyde aspire to make your vision manifested.

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Transform your vehicle into a masterpiece with our full spectrum of beautification services, from eye-catching wraps to durable protective films and custom tints. Elevate your driving experience and turn heads on every road with our expertly crafted vehicle enhancements!


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Commercial Wrap

Transform your fleet into mobile billboards with our custom commercial wraps!

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Window Tint

Cool, private, protected. Enhance your car with our professional window tinting

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Break Calipers

Add a flash of brilliance to your brakes with our custom caliper coloring service

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Powder Coating

Durable and dazzling—our powder coating services keep your vehicle looking fierce

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Car Lights

Turn heads at night with our custom light tints for a unique glow

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Custom Job

Make your mark with custom racing stripes that scream performance

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Meet Our



Meet Nick Daryanani, the CEO & Co-Founder of Jekyll and Hyde’s. I aim to provide customers with unmatched automotive services in the best possible way without sacrificing quality. I've been leading this automotive service company for many years and making sure our company, with a large number of skilled members, delivers high-performance outcomes that perfectly meet our clients' needs and expectations.

Meet Our

team leader

william pagnew

This is william pagnew, designated at the leading position at Jekyll and Hyde's. As a proactive partner of this company, I want exclusive car vehicle owners to visit us to enjoy innovative opportunities to improve their luxurious cars. We highly encourage you to consult our top talent workers, who are committed to assisting each category of four-by-four wheel owners to move up to the next level of ultimate car legacy for all current models from the leading brands.

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Brands We Work With

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Car Wrapping FAQs

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What is a custom car wrap?

A custom car wrap is like giving an appealing makeover to your automobile and transforming it into your dream design. It typically changes the visual look of your vehicle while at the same time shielding it from exterior dangers such as sun damage or scratches.

Why should I consider getting a custom car wrap for my vehicle?

There are multiple benefits of giving your vehicle a custom car wrap. When your vehicle is wrapped up in customized designs and artwork, it notably turns heads on the road which makes your car stand out on the road. Moreover,  it helps in promoting your brand to a wider customer base just like a rolling billboard.

Are custom car wraps durable?

Yes, Custom car wraps are particularly designed to be hard-wearing and long-lasting simultaneously. These custom car wraps are built from top-notch Vinyl materials that are capable of withstanding outdoor use and are resistant to wear and tear and tough weather conditions

How do I maintain and clean my custom car wrap?

To maintain and clean your custom car wrap, you should gently wash your wrapped car with mild detergents using a soft washcloth. This helps to scrub the surface of any filth or impurity. Further, always ensure that you pressure wash your vehicle on a low setting to avoid peeling off the wrap, particularly at the edges. 

Can I choose a specific brand or type of vinyl for my custom car wrap?

Sure, going after a specific brand or type of Vinyl is also good to ensure that it aligns with your needs and preferences. Multiple reputable brands are working solely in the Vinyl wrap industry that offers a wide range of products with varying characteristics and quality.

Ready to upgrade your vehicle's style and protection? Get a personalized quote today and see how we can transform your ride with our top-quality services!

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