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Gloss Paint Protection

Take A Closer Look

There are two ways of paint protection installation.
Precise digitally cut to each panel or totally bespoke hand crafted to go over each panel and custom fit to your vehicle.
Here at Jekyll and Hyde's we offer both option to you depending upon your request
Each vehicle is analyzed prior to install.
Steps of pre-inspection 
1, Foam wash complete vehicle 
2, Clay bar for addition dirt and stubborn grease, grim,       tree sap, bug removal.
3, Check vehicle for any loose or damaged parts or             trim.
4,  Analyze current paint condition and to see if the              vehicle is a candidate for paint protection film.
5, Check vehicle for chips, dings, clear coat failure and        thinning of paint.
6, Offer optional solutions prior to installation.

What To Expect

Self Healing Properties

   If you get a scratch on you film, there is no need to worry. Self Healing Paint Protection Film will heal itself keeping that new showroom finish.

Retain your vehicles Value.
A vehicle that is like new will keep its value and paint protection film show the new owner that you have cared about your vehicle and have protected it from scratches and rock chips and other chemical and natural contaminants 
Protection from Scratches, Rock Chips and Chemicals


   The environment has nothing on our level of protection. Paint Protection Film creates a protective barrier that protects against, rock chips, swirls and         scratches created from everyday use and even chemicals and other contaminants.



Almost Undetectable

   How we install paint protection film is part of the value you receive from Jekyll    and Hyde's. We take the time to make sure that film edges are wrapped around       corners and properly adhered to the surface. Your Paint Protection Film is               virtually invisible, so the only thing people will see if your showroom like finish of your vehicle.


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