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Car Vinyl Wraps

Jekyll and Hydes Car Vinyl Wraps

Car vinyl wraps are an excellent addition to your company's branding, with custom vinyl wrap colors that you can match to fit your image.

Jekyll and Hydes' car vinyl wraps are durable HydroResist film. The surface is stain-resistant and can stand up to all kinds of weather. HydroResist film protects the custom vinyl wrap colors from fading and yellowing. And the stain-resistant surface repels not only water but also dirt, tar, oil, and unlucky insects that meet you head-on on the highway.

What's more—you can do a complete color change with our car vinyl wraps, with custom vinyl wrap colors that look like a factory paint job. Even better? The flawless finish protects the car's surface from rocks and other debris. Our car vinyl wrap finishes come in matte, satin, gloss, chrome, brushed, textured carbon fiber, color shifting, and metallic. With over 6000 custom vinyl wrap colors, Jekyll and Hydes offer a hue to fit your brand.

The best part is that HydroResist film has self-healing powers that activate with heat. So your finish always looks factory fresh. And you won't have to worry because the manufacturer warrants the HydroResist film against cracking, bubbling, or yellowing for ten years from the date of purchase.

Our team prides itself on attention to detail and outstanding customer experience. From Paint Protection to Lift Kits, Jekyll and Hydes stand behind our work. Come by or give us a call. Let's work together to come up with the perfect solution in custom vinyl wrap colors.

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