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Gloss Protection Film

Gloss Film for Cars vs. Matte Film for Cars

What's the difference between gloss protection film and matte film for cars? There are a variety of things to consider aside from the obvious that one is shiny, and one doesn't have a glossy surface. In fact, there's a lot more to a matt finish than you may think. For one, it's more expensive. It's also harder to take care of because if it gets nicked or scratched, you can't just buff out that imperfection. Matte film for cars protects that paint. It's perfect for full wraps.

The bottom line is that gloss film for cars is easier to maintain. While matt film for cars is an excellent choice for show, gloss paint protection film might be the way to go for your everyday ride. Jekyll and Hydes' gloss film for cars and matte film for cars are durable HydroResist film. The surface is stain-resistant and can stand up to all kinds of weather. HydroResist film protects both matte film for cars and gloss protection film colors from fading and yellowing. And the stain-resistant surface repels not only water but also dirt, tar, oil, and insects.

You can do a complete color change with our car gloss protection film and matte film for cars, with custom vinyl wrap colors that look like a factory paint job. Our car vinyl wrap finishes come in the matte film for cars, satin, gloss film for cars, chrome, brushed, textured carbon fiber, color shifting, and metallic. Jekyll and Hydes have over 6000 custom vinyl wrap colors. There are colors and styles for every taste. What's more—you can change the look of your car entirely. If you want to update your car's look, gloss protection film for cars will do wonders. Not only that, but it will make your car lower maintenance because of the repelling qualities of the film.

The best part is that HydroResist film has self-healing powers that activate with heat. So your finish always looks factory fresh. And you won't have to worry because the manufacturer warrants the HydroResist film against cracking, bubbling, or yellowing for ten years from the date of purchase.

Matte film for cars is the right choice if you want to keep that factory finish and you don't want the typical high gloss. If you choose matte film for cars, you'll find that there are other factors to consider. You can get a textured matte film for cars, and this makes all the difference. The best thing to do when you're considering the difference between gloss protection film and matte film for cars is to talk to the experts. You'll find that the style of car you drive as well as how much you drive it will influence your choices.

The team at Jekyll and Hyde's pride ourselves in the impressive result of our work, and we sweat the details. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best customer experience possible. From custom car wraps and window tinting to other vehicle customization services such as lift kits, and more—Jekyll and Hyde's got you covered. Stop by or go online for an estimate today.

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