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Create a Successful Logo for Your Business Car Wrap

Vehicle wraps are known to be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising. 98 percent of Americans said they notice media that targets drivers and passengers, and one car wrap can generate 30,000-80,000 impressions each day. Finally, you can look forward to 15 times the name recognition with a wrapped fleet. Car wraps aren’t cheap, but they do good work for the price.

Branding Is Everything

When designing any branding collateral, it’s important to be mindful of the mode of advertising you’re using. Copy that works for a radio ad wouldn’t be very good for an Instagram photo or ad, and you should always keep in mind who’s going to see it and how.

For this reason, it’s important to remember that car wraps have to be impactful, getting across a lot of information in as few details as possible, because your car wrap is going to be moving.

Even if your vehicle is parked, the eyeballs it’s reaching are most likely on the move. With all that in mind, read on for some strategies and tips for designing the perfect car wrap logo.

Design and Re-Design

DO: Keep it Simple.

Let the image do the talking. You want something that evokes your brand, includes your brand name, and is iconic or otherwise easily understood.

DON’T: Overdo Images and Symbols

Overdoing your car wrap with images or symbolism is not a testament to how clever you are. A commercial logo should be a split-second reminder that your brand exists. Simplicity over profundity, every time.

DO: Minimize Text

Present minimal text, of a decent size, that contrasts with the background color. Logo design and car wrap design are two of the most split-second recognition tools we have, and we’re putting them together. That means little to no verbiage is critical.

DON’T: Let Your Image Become Background Noise

Letting your image fade into the background because it’s generic is a massive mistake. There needs to be some indication your vehicle wrap is advertising or at least a representation of a brand, or people will overlook it every time. A logo with impact is one people will remember.

The Image Itself

DO: Emphasize your unique selling point. For example, a caterer or prepared food company could supplement or incorporate the logo with a beautiful picture of the product or the ingredients it requires.

DON’T: Go for something that looks cool but doesn’t immediately indicate your business. We’ve all seen cars with flashy lights and rims, unusual paint jobs, and other kinds of flair. Do you remember the last car you saw like that? Was it advertising something? Most likely, it’s hard to remember what they were advertising, if they were, and even harder to remember what the logo looked like if they were.

DO: Use the contrast between darker tones and highlights. The eye is attracted by combinations that show contrast, like a light logo on a dark wrap. Better to keep it professional and less-is-more, unless your concept is represented in the wrap: a jellybean company could wrap a vehicle in a rainbow of jellybeans, with just the logo to stand out and be remembered.

DON’T: Go too light or too dark. Your watchword should be impact, which means a little bit of drama.

Other Recommendations

DO: Get help applying the wrap once it’s complete. Installing a huge piece of adhesive vinyl by yourself is a really bad idea unless you are very sure of your abilities or have some practice.

DO: Whether or not you’re going to be driving the wrapped car, imagine you are. Obscured windows, spelling or grammatical mistakes, and a garish or amateur design are all things you wouldn’t really want to be seen driving around with, and that goes for your brand, too.

Wrap It Up With Jekyll & Hyde's

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