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When is it Time to Replace Your Car Wrap?

Car wraps are a great way to advertise your business, showcase your personality, or add style to your vehicle. While most car wraps can last up to five years with detailed care, over time, all car wraps will begin to show signs of wear and tear.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest red flags that it’s time to take your car wrap in for a touch-up or total replacement.

jekyll and hyde replacing a damaged car wrap

Fading and Discoloration

With normal wear and tear from exposure to the elements, car wraps will eventually fade and change color due to UV damage. If you notice that your car wrap is starting to look faded or discolored, then it may be time for a replacement wrap.

However, if you take good care of your vehicle by washing it regularly and keeping it out of direct sunlight as much as possible, you may get more mileage out of your wrap before it’s time for a replacement.

Damage From Environmental Elements

The sun isn’t the only environmental hazard you have to worry about! Another common sign that your car wrap needs replacing is damage caused by environmental elements such as wind, rain, snow, ice, and hail.

These weather conditions can cause the vinyl material of the wrap to become brittle or cracked over time. When this happens, bubbling or peeling can start in certain areas.

If your vehicle is regularly exposed to extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy snowfall, then you may need to replace your car wrap more frequently than the average customer.


The most obvious sign that your car wrap needs replacing is bubbling around the edges of the vinyl material.

This occurs when air gets trapped between the vinyl material and the surface of your vehicle, which causes the wrap to lift up from the surface when pressure is applied.

Bubbling and peeling can also occur due to improper installation techniques, which can easily be avoided by having a professional install your car wrap for you.

So, if you notice your wrap is getting bubbly, it’s time to take your car or truck in to Jekyll & Hyde’s for a replacement!


Another common symptom of an aging wrap is cracking and peeling at the edges or corners of the design. This usually occurs when dirt or other debris gets trapped between the vinyl and the car's surface, causing stress points that eventually lead to tears and rips in the material.

If you notice any cracks or peeling in your existing wrap, there really isn’t any going back. Schedule an appointment with a car wrap specialist to remove it immediately and install a new one as soon as possible.

Damage from Normal Wear and Tear

Finally, you should look out for any damage caused by normal wear and tear over time. Whether it’s scratches, scrapes, dents, or other forms of damage, any signs of wear and tear could indicate that it’s time for a fresh new wrap!

Replace Your Damaged or Worn Wraps with Jekyll & Hyde’s!

Though they are generally durable products with long lifespans, all car wraps eventually show signs of wear and tear. Vehicle wraps are an investment that make your car look its best and should never go driven in damaged condition.

If your car wrap is showing signs of a needed replacement, let the experts of Jekyll & Hyde’s help! Our car wrap services are reliable, quick and leave your vehicle turning heads on the streets.

Whether you need a straight color wrap or a custom design, trust Jekyll & Hyde’s to help!

Contact us today to learn more about our wrap services.

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