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Suspension Lift Kits

Performance Exhaust Systems And Suspension Lift Kits

Among the goods and services you'll find at Jekyll and Hydes are custom lifts for vehicle suspension and performance exhaust systems that will make your sportscar run like a dream. Let's start with our suspension lift kits. Custom lifts for vehicle clearance help increase the clearance beneath your truck or jeep. If you like to go off-roading, the extra lift comes in handy. It makes it easier to navigate rough terrain with a better view. Likewise, we create custom suspension to lower your sports car so it can hug the road at high speeds. Either way, suspension lift kits are a necessity if you want a custom look for your vehicle. Remember, suspension lift kits and custom lifts for vehicle suspension that also make your vehicle more comfortable to handle both on an open highway or when you're barreling down the side of a mountain.

At Jekyll and Hydes, we also style performance exhaust systems for everything from American muscle cars to high-end exotics. If you want more power and torque, then you might want to consider upgrading with one of our custom performance exhaust systems. What they do is free up some of the power in your engine. The result is a quicker and more efficient system. Essentially, your engine can breathe better. Not to mention the deep, aggressive rumble that music to your ears.

When you order performance exhaust systems, from Jekyll and Hydes, you'll get professional and friendly customer service. We'll go over the specifics with everything you need to get the most power increases from your car's high-performance engine. Our custom service includes everything from mufflers, exhaust headers, and more. The best part is that you'll end up with a gorgeous stainless steel and chrome system that not only makes your sports car perform at the top level, but it will also look stylish as well.

From suspension lift kits to performance exhaust systems and car wrap vinyls with their proven paint protection, Jekyll and Hydes stand behind our work. Come on in or give us a call.

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