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Transform With Windows Tint


At Jekyll and Hyde, we pride ourselves in being one of the topmost Car window-tinting Dallas Companies offering unparalleled customer service and quality tinting solutions.  With a vast array of window tinting solutions, we give priority to your requirements and dedicatedly work to provide the best service you are looking for.

We are a premier window tinting service in Farmers Branch Texas providing window tints in a variety of shades that transform your car with a more gorgeous and glossy outlook and increase its resale value in the long term.

Our window tint films are carefully handpicked from expert manufacturers in the USA to give your vehicle’s window the best texture and elegant finish that you have fantasized about while maintaining a cool atmosphere inside.


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How we Work

Selecting car window tinting Farmers Branch TX for your window tinting needs offers multiple benefits like customization options to personalize the look of your vehicle,  protection from heat and glare,a and reduced reckless spending on air conditioning. 

Our specialists at Car Window Tinting Dallas Farmers Branch implement a comprehensive quality control system for your automobile window tints that has been perfected to deliver complete satisfaction. 

Our signature Lumar ATC-dyed window tint reflects the epitome of the outclass automotive window film, making your vehicle's window look incredible on the road while adding to your safety inside.



Cool, private, protected. Enhance your car with our professional window tinting




Durable window tints offer anti-crack protection, saving you from shattering glasses. Also, ensuring safety and security for you and your exotic vehicle.

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Brace yourself for a cooling effect on the inside while minimizing the harsh effects of headlight and sun glare that contributes to eye strain and fatigue.


Our finely engineered window film prevents your car windows from shattering from any collision or other forceful impact.

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Get your car window tinted adds an extra layer of security, and save your luxury vehicle from potential thieves.


Getting our window tints installed is not only geared toward enhancing the outward appeal of your beloved vehicles but promises a safe journey for you and your traveling companions.

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Save fuel by reducing AC use with window tints that block sunlight, keeping your car cooler and chiller for maximum mileage.

Access More of Our Services Lineup

Transform your ride into a masterpiece with our full spectrum of vehicle enhancement services, from eye-catching wraps to durable protective films and custom tints. Gear up your driving and turn heads on every road with our expertly crafted vehicle augmentations!



Wrap it up! Give your car a new look with our sleek, durable wraps.

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Transform your car's appearance with our cutting-edge ceramic coating.

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Window Tint FAQs

Have questions about our services? Check out our FAQs to learn more about how we can enhance and protect your vehicle with precision and care.

What is car window tinting?

Car window tinting involves the application of a thin layer or film of tinted stuff to the interior surface of the window of your automobile.

How do I care for my tinted windows?

To take care of your tinted windows avoid using chemicals or any sort of cleaners that have harsh properties and in turn, affect or damage the tinting film. You can also use a specialized window cleaner that is gentle on tinted windows.

Do you offer customized tinting options?

Yes, we offer our customers customized graphical tinting options embedded in your window tint. We also use chromed tint to customize designs with several layers of custom tints design per your liking.

Can window tinting be removed if needed?

Yes, sure you can remove your window tinting whenever you feel like it by hiring a professional who will take care that no damage or harm is inflicted on your vehicle window.

Will window tinting affect visibility or interfere with electronic devices?

Yes, Window tinting may affect visibility and may interfere with electronic devices such as radio or mobile signals which also depends on certain factors like the quality of the tinting film or the darkness of the tint.

Ready to upgrade your vehicle's style and protection? Get a personalized quote today and see how we can transform your ride with our top-quality services!

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