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Being in the dark has never been so great! Applying tint to your vehicle is the most effective way to protect your Automobile's interior by reducing heat build-up, curtailing glare from solar and headlights too, blocking UV Rays helping to subside skin cancer, privacy is the added advantage of Tint that keeps prying eyes away and indeed it looks great Wow!

Jekyll and Hyde, we have the most cutting-edge technologies and tools at our disposal in Auto styling accessories, advanced lighting products and executing premium-quality Tint. Automobile lights, reflectors, and indicators can all be tinted to add style swiftly and cost-effectively. We provide an array of translucent films giving our valued customers a choice of variant colors and shades. we ensure legislation so you can choose the right tint for your Car. It is a polyester-based film that is applied to glass. There is a variety of types, shades, and brands and upon evaluation, our Tint specialists draw a suitable plan as per your car’s needs and your expectations.

Car Window Tint:

It plays a key role in protecting you and your car's interior. There is a variety of kinds, shades, and brands. Our window Tint professionals assess your requirements and your car before finalizing The window Tint job.

Its benefits are

  • Decreases heat built up.

  • Slashes glare from the sun and headlights.

  • Protects from UV Rays

  • Protects the car's interior

  • Grants privacy

Tint Properties

- Color

Car window tint generally comes in black and charcoal. Black looks clean and pure, while charcoal demonstrates other neutral colors like brown and gray.

- Darkness

Window tint is specified by the amount of light they allow to pass through, by percentage. A 5% tint is much darker - and almost universally illegal on passenger vehicles - than a 50% tint. if the tint you choose is too light it will not b adequate to protect your car.

- Thickness

Window tint films of all varieties come in 1- and 2-ply thicknesses. Thickness can imply quality and durability which our authentic products provide and our experienced installers ensure professional application.

- Reflective Properties

The top-notch window tint films reflect around 85% of heat and ultraviolet radiation, so it's significant not to opt for anything less than 50% reflection.

- Adhesive Properties

Window tint films use two types of adhesives: dry and pressure-sensitive. Both adhesive types are common on automotive window tint film, and they are not exactly interchangeable. Dry adhesives will last longer and form a stronger bond.

Types of Window Tint

The foremost choice is to decide what kind of window tinting you prefer. Each type of window film is composed using distinctive materials, and each type has its unique features.

Dyed Window Tint

Dyed window Tint is the most celebrated of window tint. It is not pricey nor it is the least durable compared to others. It is a three-ply film, sandwiched between is a dye layer, a layer of adhesive, and the exterior layer is protective.

Metalized Window Tint

Metalized window film is one of the known choices, it consists of an adhesive layer and a protective outer layer with a UV-protective layer and a metalized layer in between.

This kind of window tint significantly shields you from UV rays. Metalized window tints more effectively keep your car's cabin cool as they reflect UV rays.

Hybrid Window Tint

Hybrid tinting tint possesses the best features of dyed window tint and metalized window tint, with no demerits. The layer of dye will give it the dark appearance that the dye film caters to, and the metalized layer offers the UV protection of a standard metalized film. It will be more durable than dyed window film, but less metal is used in its manufacturing.

Ceramic Window Tint

Recently, ceramic-based window tints were introduced. These tint block UV light and heat.

Carbon Window Tint

Carbon window tints are one of the best options due to their advantages.  Carbon tint has no metal, It will also block UV rays and heat effectively, reducing the stress on your car's HVAC system.

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