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Custom Car Wrap


You will be amazed by the mastery of our crew in transforming your vehicles with Jekyll & Hyde's’ custom car wrap services in Dallas. The most captivating designs that reflect your brand style. Visit our store to get custom car wrapping in Farmers branch Dallas to meet a highly trained team who works on even minor details to performance upgrades to bring out the most luxurious car wraps you have ever imagined. Precisely incrementally elevating the worth of your vehicles.

You know what we are good at? Being the best custom wraps for cars in our Farmers branch coherently makes your fleet into a canvas with our unparalleled graphics and artwork. It symbolizes an expression of your personality and unique identity every time you drive whether you have a bunch of commercial trucks or simply a sole vehicle.

Our premium vinyl wrap will renovate your vehicle so that it stays brand new for longer and thus adds to the worth of your automobile. It’s a reversible, versatile, and cost-effective alternative to traditional paint jobs. Vinyl wrapping enhances your vehicle's appearance for aesthetic purposes and preserves its value with paint protection.


Our Collaboration With Brands


How we Work

Before our design team embarks on fashioning vehicle wraps and graphics, We begin with a free-of-cost consultation process to make sure everything is picture-perfect as you imagined.

Unless you approve the final design, your vehicle is not moved to the shop floor. Our designers put all their energy into making the design look as real as it did on paper to give your competitors a run for your money.

Jekyll & Hyde's’ custom car wraps are simply a class apart to uplift your automobile with our state-of-the-art methods and materials and make your dream design a reality.



Wrap it up! Give your car a new look with our sleek, durable wraps




Our experts pay a keen ear to listen to what colors, designs, and graphics you want to wrap around your car and suggest Personalized Recommendations.

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Group 27875


Jekyll and Hyde offers its customers a cost-effective solution to repaint and redesign their priced vehicles.


The dominant benefit is a Tough protective layer to safeguard the original paintwork from external dangers and harsh weather.

Group 27874
Group 27873


Lustrous Chrome vinyl wraps for a shiny, glossy finish with wide color options and durable Satin Chrome texture to protect your car from scratches.


Easily reversible vinyl wraps offer customizable changes without harming and any alterations to your vehicle's paint.

Group 27872
Group 27845-1


Express creativity with vinyl wraps and DECAL, that reflects your style and enhances your car's appearance uniquely.

Access More of Our Services Lineup

Transform your ride into a masterpiece with our full spectrum of vehicle enhancement services, from eye-catching wraps to durable protective films and custom tints. Gear up your driving and turn heads on every road with our expertly crafted vehicle augmentations!



Keep your car looking showroom new with our crystal-clear paint protection film.

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Transform your car's appearance with our cutting-edge ceramic coating.

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Car Wrapping FAQs

Have questions about our services? Check out our FAQs to learn more about how we can enhance and protect your vehicle with precision and care.

What is a custom car wrap?

A custom car wrap is like giving an appealing makeover to your automobile and transforming it into your dream design. It typically changes the visual look of your vehicle while at the same time shielding it from exterior dangers such as sun damage or scratches.

Why should I consider getting a custom car wrap for my vehicle?

There are multiple benefits of giving your vehicle a custom car wrap. When your vehicle is wrapped up in customized designs and artwork, it notably turns heads on the road which makes your car stand out on the road. Moreover,  it helps in promoting your brand to a wider customer base just like a rolling billboard.

Are custom car wraps durable?

Yes, Custom car wraps are particularly designed to be hard-wearing and long-lasting simultaneously. These custom car wraps are built from top-notch Vinyl materials that are capable of withstanding outdoor use and are resistant to wear and tear and tough weather conditions

How do I maintain and clean my custom car wrap?

To maintain and clean your custom car wrap, you should gently wash your wrapped car with mild detergents using a soft washcloth. This helps to scrub the surface of any filth or impurity. Further, always ensure that you pressure wash your vehicle on a low setting to avoid peeling off the wrap, particularly at the edges. 

Can I choose a specific brand or type of vinyl for my custom car wrap?

Sure, going after a specific brand or type of Vinyl is also good to ensure that it aligns with your needs and preferences. Multiple reputable brands are working solely in the Vinyl wrap industry that offers a wide range of products with varying characteristics and quality.

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