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Commercial Wrap

commercial wRAP

We focus on delivering every project with the utmost care and expertise. Our professionals and highly skilled team can enhance your brand visibility and attract more customers with our top-tier Commercial Wrap services. The possibilities are endless if you seek minimalist artwork on every inch of your car's exterior. Our experienced design team takes care of minor details so that you get the most captivating design for your vehicle.

Jekyll and Hyde have assisted many clients in acquiring automotive wraps, printing youthful color schemes, and creating dynamic illustrations.

We ensure attention to detail, creativity, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations. However, any time you want your original vehicle, look back; you can peel the wraps off safely, as we have many removable wraps, too.

Let us transform your vehicle into a top-notch marketing tool that drives brand visibility and leaves a legendary mark wherever it goes.

Still, trying to figure out where to start? Our installation technicians will work closely with you to provide you with any finish, including matte, shiny, and metallic, for a car wrap. Get your eye-catching graphics and flawless wrap installation now! 


Our Collaboration With Brands


How we Work

Jekyll and Hyde is a commercial car Wrap Company in Dallas Fort Worth that offers a wide range of premium-quality wrap services. We are skilled at quickly changing the color and entire look of your car so it may grab your attention whenever you drive on the road.

Jekyll and Hyde assist custom commercial vehicle wrapping Dallas Fort Worth customers with the design and installation of wraps that reflect their brand style and last longer than they ever imagined.

Our team specializes in custom commercial vehicle wrapping in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, guaranteeing a standout impression on almost all luxurious cars you own in 2024.

Visit us now and take an ultra-fine glimpse at how passionately we deliver our services.


The Power of Commercial Wraps

Transform your fleet into mobile billboards with our custom commercial wraps!



Artistic Work

Our dedicated designers and installers use the utmost creativity to design your wrap, featuring your logo and business information.

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Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

We even advise our customers to keep their cars in tip-top shape and how frequently they should clean their wrapped cars using a soft sponge.

Advanced Protection

The commercial Vehicle wraps service Dallas Texas production team uses advanced UV layers over your vehicles, which protects your investment.

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Bold Visuals

Our Commercial Wrap services can elevate your business presence with bold and striking designs that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Wraps Longevity

Our exclusive vehicle wrap vinyl can last up to 5 to 7 years. Yet it can be removed anytime discoloration and cracks appear.

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Schedule a Date for Installation

Your vehicle for clean installation might take one to three days to complete. Therefore, Book our consultation ASAP!

Access More of Our Services Lineup

Transform your ride into a masterpiece with our full spectrum of vehicle enhancement services, from eye-catching wraps to durable protective films and custom tints. Gear up your driving and turn heads on every road with our expertly crafted vehicle augmentations!



Wrap it up! Give your car a new look with our sleek, durable wraps.

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Transform your car's appearance with our cutting-edge ceramic coating.

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Commercial Wrap FAQs

Have questions about our services? Check out our FAQs to learn more about how we can enhance and protect your vehicle with precision and care

What is a custom car wrap?

A custom car wrap is like giving an appealing makeover to your automobile and transforming it into your dream design. It typically changes the visual look of your vehicle while at the same time shielding it from exterior dangers such as sun damage or scratches.

Why should I consider getting a custom car wrap for my vehicle?

There are multiple benefits of giving your vehicle a custom car wrap. When your vehicle is wrapped up in customized designs and artwork, it notably turns heads on the road which makes your car stand out on the road. Moreover,  it helps in promoting your brand to a wider customer base just like a rolling billboard.

Are custom car wraps durable?

Yes, Custom car wraps are particularly designed to be hard-wearing and long-lasting simultaneously. These custom car wraps are built from top-notch Vinyl materials that are capable of withstanding outdoor use and are resistant to wear and tear and tough weather conditions.

How do I maintain and clean my custom car wrap?

To maintain and clean your custom car wrap, you should gently wash your wrapped car with mild detergents using a soft washcloth. This helps to scrub the surface of any filth or impurity. Further, always ensure that you pressure wash your vehicle on a low setting to avoid peeling off the wrap, particularly at the edges. 

Can I choose a specific brand or type of vinyl for my custom car wrap?

Sure, going after a specific brand or type of Vinyl is also good to ensure that it aligns with your needs and preferences. Multiple reputable brands are working solely in the Vinyl wrap industry that offers a wide range of products with varying characteristics and quality.

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