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We at Jekyll & Hydes take each vehicle like an asset that needs to be protected. As a prominent ceramic coating company in Dallas, we are driven to give fool-proof protection to your cars. We offer superior ceramic car coating Dallas aimed at keeping the interior and exterior of automobiles protected from all sorts of unpleasant debris and road filths that accumulate in the course of the driving journey.

Our ceramic coating’s multi-layered protective coating will exert maximum resistance against all sorts of destructive effects like scratches, dirt, and more. We work to ensure that your vehicle continues to look as new as before along with increasing your vehicle's resale value for years to come.

We are a one-stop automotive detailing destination for high-end vehicles offering high–quality ceramic coating solutions that are affordable and convenient at the same time. Our facility for ceramic car coating in Farmers Branch, Texas utilizes premium ceramic materials and top coating technologies for all types of high-end vehicles.


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How we Work

We make sure that each vehicle that comes to us looks like it has just been waxed every time you take your car out for a drive.

Our exclusively certified team offers the best ceramic vehicle coating in Farmers Branch, Dallas at Jekyll and Hyde’s. We warrant that your vehicle receives only safe and effective detailing products, effectively transforming your vehicle into a brand-new one with exceptional results.

A trademark feature of our ceramic coating service is pearl nano coatings that are embedded in a cutting-edge nano-coating system designed for consistent and fool-proof surface protection in automobiles.



Durable and dazzling—our ceramic coating services keep your vehicle looking fierce




Ceramic coating with hydrophobic properties strengthens the resistance against UV damage for robust and long-lasting protection.

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Group 27875


By including hydrophobic properties in our ceramic coatings your vehicles are safeguarded from scratches, while dirt and filth easily slide off the paintwork with water.


Our transcendent ceramic coatings are built to endure rigorous testing and extreme conditions, surpassing our customers' expectations.

Group 27874
Group 27873


Ceramic coatings keep all sorts of swirl marks and scratches aside and bring up the vehicle's aesthetic longevity to pristine elegance.


Superior automotive detailing services thanks to our team of coating specialists who have extensive experience in industry-proven techniques.

Group 27872
Group 27845


For us, a car is not simply a project to be completed but an opportunity to foster a win-win partnership with our customers with quality car care services. 

Access More of Our Services Lineup

Transform your ride into a masterpiece with our full spectrum of vehicle enhancement services, from eye-catching wraps to durable protective films and custom tints. Gear up your driving and turn heads on every road with our expertly crafted vehicle augmentations!



Wrap it up! Give your car a new look with our sleek, durable wraps.

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Keep your car looking showroom new with our crystal-clear paint protection film.

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Ceramic Coating FAQs

Have questions about our services? Check out our FAQs to learn more about how we can enhance and protect your vehicle with precision and care.

How long does ceramic coating last on a vehicle?

The period of so ceramic coating lasting on a vehicle depends on the quality of the coatings you have used and how well you have maintained the coating. However, generally ceramic coatings have proved to last from two to five years or even more if given proper care.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating over traditional waxing or sealants?

Ceramic coating has several added advantages over traditional waxing or sealants such as longevity, durability, and protection from harmful sun rays along with enhanced shine.

Does ceramic coating require special maintenance?

Yes, it is recommended to adhere to certain maintenance measures like gentle cleaning techniques once you are done with the ceramic coating of your car to ensure that it is effective in the long run and provides durable protection do your vehicle.

Is ceramic coating suitable for all types of vehicles?

In general ceramic coating is usually suitable for several types of vehicles such as trucks, cars, motorcycles, and in some cases even boats and aircraft, depending on the quality of ceramic you are using.

What sets your ceramic coating service apart from others in Dallas?

The ceramic coating we provide to your vehicles stands out from other companies in Dallas in several ways if you go for our company our ceramic coating will provide a hydrophobic effect that will not only make sure your vehicle is ultra-shiny and remarkably smooth but allow you to easily remove any debris from the surface.

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