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Ceramic Paint Protection is the ultimate protective safeguard: 

Automobiles are a valued asset for their owners. Due to the sentimental value attached to them, Jekyll and Hyde understand that it is vital to ensure that your vehicle retains to look new. Using the best market products and coating technologies, our expert technician's team up with you and give your car the best ceramic paint protection. Shake hands on our ceramic car paint protection services, and shield your car from external abrasions like paint fading, oxidation, swirling, bird droppings, etc.


At Jekyll and Hyde, we provide quality and effective car coating services to the community of Dallas. Our coating specialists work with a ceramic coating that is infused with hydrophobic (water-repellent) features which contribute to your car's protective layering endowed with high-quality gloss and shine, keeping your car as good as new for the longest time.  our professional Nano ceramic car paint protection utilizing the latest in Nano-Technology, our scratch-resistant ceramic coating forms a strong glass-like protective layer above the original paint. The ceramic car paint protection services include decontamination and paint-correction processes so your car we return to you looking as good as a new buy!

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 What is Nano Ceramic Coating:

“Nano” indicates the size of the particles in the coating. These particles range from 80 to 100 Nano-Meters. As the particles are so tiny, when applied they seal all the pores resulting in the surface becoming hydrophobic, nevertheless defiant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme weather, and even graffiti.



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