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Powder coating is a process used to change the color of wheels, body panels, and trim pieces by applying a colored powder onto a surface. It is a dry finishing process where the coating is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. It’s just like paint without any solvent. The coating is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat which forms a skin-type layer on n top of the material.

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Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating is 10x more durable and effective than paint. It is well known that the harsh weather and environment have a detrimental effect on the exterior of cars – car paint is above the most. When it comes to protecting metal components, it’s tough to beat the dependability and visual appeal of powder coating. Powder coating protects your equipment better and lasts longer than regular liquid paint - saving you money over the long run, Add longevity to your bumpers, vehicle frames, suspension parts, wheels, springs, tie rods, backing plates, and more. Your vehicle will be more impervious to the elements. Pre-Treatment we always ensure that the car goes through a process by which a surface is cleaned and prepared to be coated. Pretreating creates a surface that the coating can adhere to. we also use the primer first to seal the pores in the metal and provide an added layer of protection and durability. Trust the professionals at JEKYLL AND HYDE for Powder Coating. We remove the rust and take care of all your powder coating needs.



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